August 7, 2007

Photo by Mark Dawursk, 2007.

In the Maritime world, there’s an ex-band overboard.

Ever since Eric Axelson (formerly of The Dismemberment Plan) left, the latest and greatest incarnation of the famed ex-indie/emo legends The Promise Ring and The Dismemberment Plan are left with being merely an ex-Promise Ring band. For those not old enough to recall The Promise Ring’s off-pitch tight white T-shirt emo brilliance (which is now past its artistic and marketing peak), don’t panic – there is little to worry about.

Maritime’s third album, Heresy and the Hotel Choir, is their first to be recorded without the D-Plan’s influence. But not to worry. While Axelson’s probably one of the most valuable indie rock bass players to lose, Maritime made more sense as a destination for Davey von Bohlen, particularly following the surprising final Promise Ring album, Wood/Water. (The band after all was ruled by a 2:1 Promise Ring majority.) Axelson made things interesting for sure (“Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts,” anyone?), but as von Bohlen’s singing/songwriting navigated away from The Promise Ring, Maritime’s star was on the rise.

While there will be those who mourn the loss of the Axelson-era Maritime (emo boys, it’s really not dramatic as all that), the two tracks from the new record featured below indicate that the Maritime indie-pop is still buoyant as ever. But as We, The Vehicles moved one step further from their former legacy, it sounds as if Davey and Dan (Didier) are considering a move back to shore.

Tearing Up The Oxygen – We, The Vehicles

Listen: “Guns of Navarone” and “For Science Fiction” from the forthcoming record Heresy and the Hotel Choir, available on Flameshovel Records. Out on October 16, 2007.

Ask Me About My Invisible Friends – Maritime (previously in November 2006).


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