Mirah & Spectratone International

August 8, 2007

Photo by Danielle St. Laurent

Indie songstress Ms. Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn has joined forces with Lori Goldston and Kyle Hanson of Spectratone International (and formerly of the Black Cat Orchestra) to write an album about none other than the creepy crawly vectors of disease we call bugs.

Commissioned by the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, these songs are to be part of a multi-media performance that also features short stop-motion films by Britta Johnson. Together, these performance pieces are to be presented to children at the Seattle International Children’s Festival. (We are hoping for the more adorable type of insects, like those featured in Pixar films, rather than those from the Temple of Doom fame.)

But whatever your age, a new Mirah record is always a welcomed addition to playlists of any generation. (Come on, you know that Bubby and Zaide love “Light the Match.”) Even if this record is primarily about bugs. Unless you suffer from entomophobia. In that case you should steer clear. But everyone else should check it out.

Music by Mirah and Spectratone International, Film by Britta Johnson – Credo Cigalia

Listen: “Credo Cigalia” and “Community” from Share This Place: Stories and Observations, available on K Records.
Share This Place: Stories and Observations was released yesterday.



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