August 25, 2007

Things one might like about Iceland include: The language’s frequent and interesting usage of consonants and accented vowels. The use of geothermal power and geysers. The Sugarcubes and of course, Björk

So now here’s one more thing to add to the rapidly expanding list: Seabear.

What started out as a solo project for 24-year-old Sindri Már Sigfússon is now a seven member band. (Obviously not an economics major.) Despite that Seabear may not yet be the topic of dinner conversations across America, like the infamous Guðmundsdóttir swan dress incident was for that one night in 2001, the band is a likely candidate as major player in the Icelandic export industry (right behind fish and well, Björk).

My guess is if Seabear (the band) were actually an animal, it would be a timid vegetarian beast. Sort of cute and playful like that polar bear cub, Knut (though admittedly, polar bears do not grow up to be timid vegetarians). The band happens to sound vaguely like another popular septet, this one from Glasgow, though minus the echoes of Nick Drake. File under shy boy indie folk, a kinder gentler Bright Eyes from a nation where nearly everyone is employed. Currently, the band has scheduled dates in Denmark and Iceland.

Seabear – Hands Remember

Listen: “I Sing I Swim” from The Ghost That Carried Us Away, available from Morr Music on September 9, in the US. You can download the entire self-released debut, Singing Arc EP, here.


2 Responses to “Seabear”

  1. Virginia Says:

    I love Seabear. My friends and I were at the beach we live on one day and saw this massive dog. We named it “Seabear.” As a joke, I Googled it and found this band. What an awesome discovery. ❤ I’m now in love with them!

  2. Cristin Says:

    I saw Seabear last night in London when they opened for Mum. I feel in love!!

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