September 4, 2007

I’m talking ’bout the man in the middle…

Zach Condon, everyone’s favorite Gypsy boy wunderkind via New Mexico, is again raising high the Beirut flag with his new album, The Flying Cup Club.

Condon, who was a few years shy of the legal drinking age of this country at the time of his celebrated debut as Beirut continues onward with the Balkan musical themes of our immigrant great-grandparents.

Following Beirut’s debut, The Gulag Orkestar, is difficult business. The record was met with early approval by critics and fans alike, who were drawn to the unique sounds of Eastern European music emerging from Brooklyn (ever been to Greenpoint anyone?) orchestrated by a teenager and a Neutral Milk Hotel alum. Comparisons were occasionally made to that legendary band in particular, and while Condon is no Jeff Magnum (yet), he’s certainly got time to grow into the role.

So enter The Flying Cup Club. The record releases on October 9 on Ba Da Bing and 4AD. Below is the debut track, so you can judge for yourself, but things seem to be just fine in Beirut land: Condon is set to prove that he can still channel the Romani muse like this was the Ottoman Empire.

Listen: “A Sunday Smile” from The Flying Cup Club, available on Ba Da Bing! and 4AD.

Beirut will be playing at the Masonic Temple in Fort Greene Brooklyn on September 20, and at the Delacorte Theater on September 26 in NYC.

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