The Weakerthans

September 25, 2007

The Weakerthans play a bit of nice guy pop rock filtered through an MFA in creative writing and backed by a punk rock resume; they are the would-be Canadian counterpart to Death Cab For Cutie (shouldered with the irony of playing a more straight-ahead version rock and roll met with less commercial success).

John Samson and company offer up their fourth full length record to the world today, full of catchy soft-side guitar work and sensitive boy lyrics. It’s a record consistent with their previous records, and finds the band in territory similar to their most recent release (in a world four years removed), Reconstruction Site.

The Weakerthans are the band you wouldn’t be ashamed of bringing home and introducing to mom, able to make pleasant and literate table conversation, and not in the least intimidated by the salad fork. So if salads are out of the question for you, steer clear of this record. Otherwise, enjoy the endive.

Sure Propagandhi (Samson’s former affiliate) was an anarchist punk band, but the Weakerthans play well with others. They are only as offensively leftist as your average college freshman, writing well-punctuated letters to the editor of the New York Times, guilty by association with the College Democrats (or in this case, punk label Epitaph Record’s more mature subsidiary, Anti).

So standby world and get ready for the Weakerthans. Spoiler warning: “Night Windows” is bound to end up on some prime time drama or movie montage.

“Our Retired Explorer”

Listen: “Sun In An Empty Room“, “Night Windows” from Reunion Tour, available from Anti Records.

One Response to “The Weakerthans”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Just saw them this week. John K rocks.

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