Bob Mould

January 22, 2008

Bob Mould is cool than your dad; he’s cooler than you too. The 47-year-old veteran punk (see Husker Du), indie-rocker (see Sugar) and anti-hero to many will return on February 5, 2008, with his new album, District Line. The first single, “The Silence Between Us,” is available to preview below. It’s as vibrant as anything Mould has done in the last two decades of his career.

District Line is in fact a reflection of Mould’s recent five-year tenure in the nation’s capital. Recorded in a DC warehouse studio, the record again features drumming by none other than Fugazi’s Brendan Canty (yet another indie-rock national treasure), and completes the disturbing trend of excellence in rock and roll music following disappointing Bush presidencies and Iraqi wars. (See Sugar’s Copper Blue circa 1992…)

Makes one wonder what the musical tone will be under the Obama-Clinton White House… (think: maybe those futuristic scenes in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…)

Listen: “The Silence Between Us” from the forthcoming District Line, available from Anti Records on February 5, 2008.

This is for you MC Spaeder. So sorry for shoving the new Bob Mould single, “The Silence Between Us,” into a standard Invisible Songs mix.

One Response to “Bob Mould”

  1. MC Spaeder Says:

    Thanks for the Bob plug and shout out. And thanks for turning me on to Thao. The Pho 75 reference made me a little homesick as well.

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