George Pringle

February 4, 2008

Wit, beauty, a killer accent, a man’s name and an iBook G4 named Truman: five things George Pringle has going for her, not necessarily in that order. (Yes, her name is cool: it fits like a button-down oxford, slightly over-sized on some actor’s model girlfriend. You know the one…)

The young spoken-word lo-fi techno songstress has been getting a bit of international recognition, a difficult feat for one from the world of an accidental genre (“diseuse”) that requires the use of a dictionary. Spoken-word monologues aren’t exactly fodder for top 40 pop hooks or even indie breakout hits, but Pringle wields her stream-of-consciousness compositions with a disarming charm. She samples a typewriter and a paroxysm of coughing, references Street Fighter II, and posts demo promo polaroids of herself on her blog. She’s a dream come true.

It’s Pringle’s homemade electrobeats, however, that sets her songs apart from the average ho-hum of bedroom demos. “I’m Very Scared Buster, Yes At Last,” is a prime example: drum + bass + piano + typewriter + coughing, add some catchy background singing and a nice little chorus, and there you have it. In truth, Pringle could say just about anything over the track and it would be a winner. The fact that she’s an Oxford educated literatus is just gravy, isn’t it?

George Pringle – “Carte Postale”

Listen: “Carte Postale,” and other are available here from RCRD LBL.

One Response to “George Pringle”

  1. nickev Says:

    She is too hot.
    Apparently we’re not the only ones who agree on that.

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