Mates of State

June 5, 2008

The Mates of State are all things cute and couple-y, playing domesticated and child-rearing indie-pop music based on keys and drums, inoffensive harmonies and affable pop sensibilities. They return with their new album, Re-Arrange Us, replete with multi-layered album cover and internet-based games. (Fun for the whole family!)

Re-Arrange Us sounds a lot like the Mates have sounded in the past. It’s an album you can dance around the kitchen with kids to, and you will certainly find yourself humming its ridiculously catchy “now now now now now now now… hoo hoo hoo hoo… dada da dada dada da’s” on the way to work. Play it on a rainy day, and you just might invoke sunshine; play it to Hillary Clinton, and she might just hug Obama.

It’s an album of lively pianos, upbeat drumming and boy-girl harmonies. And of course the warm fuzzies don’t stop there. The video for the first single, “Get Better,” features a multitude of friendly animal faces pasted on friendly human bodies riding scooters to cupcakes, balloons, streamers, and oops… suicide bombers.

Detonation, however, results in sparkles, choreography and children bearing flowers… the Department of Homeland Security is currently busying itself undertaking intensive arts and crafts courses focused on strategic woodland creature mask-making. Si se puede.

Listen: “My Only Offer” from Re-Arrange Us, available on Barsuk Records

“Get Better”


2 Responses to “Mates of State”

  1. !! Says:

    You love all things anthropomorphic. And singers on two-wheelers.

  2. Lloyd Says:


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