Miss Derringer

June 18, 2008

June 16th, The Mercury Lounge (w/ The Muslims)

L.A.’s Miss Derringer is, as they say, a little bit country and a little punk rock and roll. The band has influences and aesthetics to spare: they’re John Cash and June Carter in a 60’s girl group with a penchant for murder ballads, alcohol and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” The Derringer color palate is all White Stripes combined with a Rocket From the Crypt swagger. All the essential elements are there.

Musically, though, the band has some room to grow. What comes through as an interesting mix and ironically dark take on modern American music in the recorded format, falls a little flat live. The responsibilities of Miss Derringer hang heavy on singer Liz McGrath, who while perfectly balancing mascara and somber with stylish and pretty, seems a little timid and small on stage. Sure the outfit is cute, but the hushed croon that works so well in headphones is no substitute for a set of live pipes. (Maybe some back-up singers might add to the image and fill out the sound?)

Still, the Invisible Friends can’t help singing “black tears through eyeliner for you…” over and over and over. Check them out with Blondie this summer, and pick up their record on Staygold Records.

Miss Derringer – “Black Tears”

Listen: Miss Derringer – “Unchained Melody” (Righteous Brothers cover)



One Response to “Miss Derringer”

  1. […] San Diego’s The Muslims might pass as any four random guys wandering the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, and very well may have during their recent trip out East. From afar, they could be… Vampire Weekend, let’s say. But on stage, The Muslims are no-frills, straight-shooting rock and roll. No coordinated wardrobes, no cute dance moves (see the prior post, Miss Derringer). […]

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