The Muslims

June 27, 2008

June 16th, The Mercury Lounge (w/ Miss Derringer)

San Diego’s The Muslims might pass as any four random guys wandering the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, and very well may have during their recent trip out East. From afar, they could be… Vampire Weekend, let’s say. But on stage, The Muslims are no-frills, straight-shooting rock and roll. No coordinated wardrobes, no cute dance moves (see the prior post, Miss Derringer).

From the opener, “Beside Myself,” The Muslims immediately owned the stage. It was as if you found those four random dudes wandering on Houston, put them on stage, and nonchalantly ended up with The Velvet Underground. But the usual comparisons, including my own (see the Invisible Friend’s original post on The Muslims here), had little relevance during their set. Lamkin et al were noisy, energetic and brilliant to watch in their own right. Highlights included “Right ad Wrong,” “Bright Side,” and “Nightlife.”

Apart from their much talked about name, The Muslims have started to attract some more national admiration, like the distinction as a “Band to Watch” from blogger heavyweight Stereogum. The debut record is out on 1928 Recordings, and will be available again in July according to the band’s Myspace page. Along with the vinyl and bullet-beaten jacket, 1928 conveniently provides your iTunes with a CD version of the record plus several no-filler bonus tracks (new versions of some of the band’s best songs from their 2007 Demo). It’s a definite must have.

The Muslims – “Call It A Day”

A single of “Extinction” has been released on Sweet Tooth Records.

Listen: The Muslims – “Right and Wrong” and “Beside Myself” and “On My Time” available from their self-titled debut on 1928 Recordings.


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