January 23, 2011

Portland Dream of the 90’s

Indie-rock dynamic duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have moved their hilarious ThunderAnt project forward to IFC with Portlandia, a sincere and comical celebration of Portland, “a city where young people go to retire.”

Armisen and Brownstein take us on a tour of 90’s nostalgia, a time when the Pacific Northwest was the epicenter of a musical movement in which Nirvana would displace Michael Jackson on the top of the Billboard charts and Alternative music would earn its own Grammy category.

During the millenium’s final throes, Armisen was playing insane drums in Chicago’s angular and spastic Trenchmouth, and Brownstein was doing riot grrl guitar windmills as a part of Olympia’s seminal Sleater-Kinney.

You can watch Trenchmouth perform “The Volcanic Action of My Soul” at Emo’s in Austin, and Sleater-Kinney perform “One More Hour” from 1997’s Dig Me Out, during an in-store Tower Records performance in SoHo. Proof actual record stores once existed.

So pull out the Case Logic and import your 90’s favorites records to your iTunes library. You can twitter about sharing them on a torrent via your smart phone. Just don’t forget your Doc Martens. LOL 🙂

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