These videos can now be found on the scene page for your viewing pleasure.

Pavement – “Gold Soundz” from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

Battles – “Atlas” from Mirrored.

Dan Deacon – “Crystal Cat” from Spiderman of the Rings.

Paris, Je T’aime – Trailer

The National – “Mistaken for Strangers” from Boxer.

American Zombie

March 17, 2007

American Zombie is the latest film by independent film maker, Grace Lee (formerly of the Grace Lee Project), and produced by one of my favorite people in the world, my near-sister, In-Ah Lee.

Thus far, the film has been making the rounds at Slamdance, SXSW and now the Asian American Film Festival in San Francisco (just in time for the holiest of Asian American holidays, St. Patrick’s Day).

The movie tells the story of two independent film makers, documenting a community of “high-functioning” zombies living in LA. These zombies (much like your friendly neighborhood psychopaths) live and look just like us (well, with the exception that they are undead and sometimes have bits of flesh hanging off).

Andrew O’Hehir from ranked American Zombie among his favorite films of this year’s Sundance. (Although technically, American Zombie was actually a part of Slamdance). You can read his full article here.

Please check it out and support cool independent film.
Check out the trailer here.

American Zombie actress, Suzy Nakamura.


February 8, 2007

Half-Cocked was the indie rock answer to the SinglesSoundtrack back in 1994. The film essentially chronicles a group of bored kids in Louisville (played by various members of Rodan), who steal a van that belongs to their older brother’s band (played by the one and only Ian Svenonius), and their vigilante tour for their maverick made-up band.

The movie is being released for the first time on DVD, and will be screened in NYC on Feb 13, at the Anthology Film Archives. The soundtrack was available on Matador Records, but is currently out of print.

Half-Cocked – Trailer

Here are a few non-soundtrack tracks from some of the excellent bands appearing on that out of print record:

Unwound – Corpse Pose
Slant 6 – Love Shock
Polvo – Everything in Flames
Versus – Deseret
Crain – Car Crash Decisions

The Make*Up – Centre of the Earth 
(They are in the film, but not on the record.)

*In a peripherally related but equally exciting in a mid-90’s kind of way, Noah Baumbauch’s debut film from 1995, Kicking and Screaming, has also recently made it to DVD on the Criterion Collection. Go Cougars!

Just in case you missed it: Sarah Silverman is now the coolest girl in school. Maybe SNL should invite her to host, via fax. Here are some reasons why:

Sarah Silverman – Jewish People Driving German Cars (the opposite of FUBU)

Jenny Lewis – “Rise Up With Fists!”

Sarah Silverman – “A Very Convenient Truth”

The Sarah Silverman Program is on Comedy Central.

While it’s tempting to say the last time Saturday Night Live was funny, was when MacGyver was still on the air (that would be 1992)… it’s simply not true. But just in case you missed it, since no one really watches SNL anymore, here’s “MacGruber”…

Saturday Night Live – “MacGruber, Part 1”

Saturday Night Live – “MacGruber, Part 2”

Saturday Night Live – “MacGruber, Part 3”

The State

November 11, 2006


No more crap-ass quality home recordings posted on YouTube. The State returns on iTunes. Thus far, 5 episodes of Season One are available. Richard Dawkins, maybe this just goes to show that there really is a Flying Spaghetti Monster out there… and it digs the Porcupine Racetrack.

View all 5 episodes for free on

The State: Porcupine Racetrack

Classic State.

Jon Stewart Vs Crossfire: “Tucker = Dick”