A short list for your inner label whore.

Odin – When only edgy, artsy T-shirts will do.

Opening Ceremony – Like a foreign exchange student program for fashion, importing good taste.

Underdog East -117 East 7th Street, NY (212) 388-0560 – Tiny men’s boutique w/ quality wares. 

Watts on Smith – Cool clothes can be found in Carroll Gardens.

Alife Rivington –  Sneaker aficionado’s only, please.

Nom de Guerre – Enter the Copy Shop.

Jack Spade – Because real men carry cute bags.

Jeffrey New York – 449 West 14th Street, NY (212) 206-1272 – Miniature department store. 

Tokio 7 – 64 East 7th Street, NY (212) 353-8443 – Best secondhand in the city.

INA Men – 262 Mott Street, NY (212) 334-2210 – Fine, also the best secondhand in the city.

Club Monaco – How Ralph Lauren does the Gap.

A. P. C. – French basics.

American Apparel – Shirts T, et al.

Levi’s – Because jeans are as American as… well, blue jeans.

H & M – Ikea for clothing.


3 Responses to “Closet”

  1. mike Says:


    who can I send mp3’s to?


  2. Donny Says:


    To whom should I send my CD or mp3’s for review. I love your page and am interested in having my band’s new album reviewed. Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Hey – whats up. Thanks a bunch for the blog. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back in a couple of days to see if there is updated posts.

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