The New Pornographers

February 24, 2011

The REAL Pornographers

I am sure that Canadian super-group The New Pornographers have a tough time coordinating schedules. That’s the trouble with being ultra-productive and creative, I guess. Too many solo careers! Too many side projects!

So when it comes to shooting a video for new material, why not pick a bunch of other celebrities who aren’t actually in the band, but who also likely have insane schedules, and have them film a fake movie trailer for a made-up movie? (Complete with an additional fake promo for another fake movie?) Sure! Pure genius.

Watch Tom Scharpling’s clever take on The New Pornographers and “Moves,” from their latest offering, Together, out now on Matador Records. It features a laundry list of funny people cameos including: Jon Wurster, Julie Klausner, Kevin Corrigan, Wyatt Cenac, Horatio Sanz, Ted Leo, John Hodgman, Bill Hader, Paul Rudd, Todd Barry, Donald Glover, Esther Crowe, Michael Lisk, Gabe Delahaye, Max Silvestri, Jay Norton, David Rosenblatt, Terre T., Anna Copacabana, Rob Cuthill, Brian Turner, Alex Scordelis, Jonathan Fernandez, Therese Mahler, Candace Mills, Christina Stanley, Christine Tadler, Owinema Biu, Chris Spooner, and Jacob Wolk.

Watch: The New Pornographers – “Moves”

Then, read Pitchfork’s interview with director Tom Scharpling.

NB: Expectant Dads plot synopsis. Hilarious.